Are your plans in order?


Are you ready for investment?

 There is no such thing as a bad business, there is only bad planning..

Investors, Governments, Banks and Lenders don't take risks anymore.

Because of this you need to make sure that your business is 'Investment Ready'.

This means knowing exactly what you are going to do with any investment or funding and how that money will come back to your investor.

The easiest way of 'getting ready' is to build strong and effective plans and forecasts.

At Acceler8me we work with and help you mould, design & build the following strategies and plans for your business, so it is ready for investment.

- Business Plans

- Financial Forecasts

- Forecast Modelling

- Growth Strategies

- Marketing Plans and Strategies

- Sales Plans and Strategies

- Valuations and Offers

- Non-Executive Directors and Board Members

- and Smart Money to help get some runs on the board before investment.

These documents are not just for finding finance!

They are built to guide you on how to grow your business for years to come.


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